Thursday, June 15, 2006


Well, here we are... welcome. Wipe your feet.

This is my blog - though actually it's a second attempt at creating and running one. The v1.0 blog ran into... difficulties. Extenuating circumstances meant the poor bugger had to be put to sleep, so never will you be subjected to the thrill-ride that was me eating fish for the first time (which was actually a rather odd thing for someone who's *ahem* quite old). Maybe I'll recount it in a fit of mania at some point.

Anyhow, hello, pleasure to have you here. A few details. My name is michael - which for some reason lost in the mists of time I always write with a lower case "m". I am 30. I try and keep myself to myself wherever possible, and if they were Olympic sports could probably represent my home nation (Ireland, for the record) in both Lurking and Hanging Out. It's a hard life, but such is the way.

I read, I write, I design puzzles, I play games, I listen to lots of verrry random music, and I (like most of the rest of the planet) dislike my job (Let the bitching and stuff commence!). I am, however, managing to do something about my current employment status - I begin training to be a Primary School Teacher this forthcoming September. It'll be like Kindergarten Cop, but with less guns and more whiny guitar music.

So, there's post #1. Hopefully the first of many, and I swear to keep this reasonably regularly updated. Oh, and I also hold up John Allison's promise (from www.scarygoround.com - well worth a visit!) - Never will I tell you what I ate for dinner.



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