Friday, June 16, 2006

Everything In It's Right Place

The American is a good person. She knows the value of a rousing national anthem, appreciates that everything isn't always that the world portrays, and also the necessity of having a good pen about your person at all times. She is well travelled, and seemingly can talk to the animals. These are impressive qualities. I'm thankful that she's about.

The American came to visit a bunch of us last weekend - literally just for the weekend, and a stunningly fun time was had by all - and came armed with goodies. Ohhhhh, such wondrous stuff - bottles of Mountain Dew, a Mr Happy cooling pack (my obsession with cartoons and stuff will be well noted as time passes) and The Ultimate Sweet. The American brought Jolly Ranchers.

We used to have them over here many years ago. Now, whether they were removed from UK shelves because they weren't popular enough, or were just plain filled with too many e-numbers and artificial things, who knows? All I care about is that they still taste amazing. I may have to harrass her into a regular delivery. Anyhow, see...

...they even LOOK bad for you. Food should not be so brightly coloured. But they are amazing. They taste exactly how they're meant to - even though I've never seen a blue raspberry in real life - with top marks going to the Cherry and Watermelon ones. Ultimate respect goes to Grape flavour, as there is nothing on earth tastier than American Grape Flavor (please note also; correct contextual spelling). Apparently they're available in That London at CyberCandy - http://www.cybercandy.co.uk - but I've still got one and a half giant bags to work through before I need to go fetch more. Thank you, The American!


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