Friday, June 16, 2006

Hangin' on the Telephone

So, my usual messing about on the Interwebs at work (basically the one perk of my current position is that I've got full net access, which I abuse to the fullest as a means of killing time) led me to the lovely image you see above. Apparently, this is a conceptual future comms device, designed by some Swedish Uni students under the instruction of Nokia, the mobile phone company. You wear it as a necklace - most appealing to me, as the few pieces of jewellery I own are made of plastic - and each thingy represents a person. Squeeze said thingy, and you'll call them up. Apparently it takes all of the hassle out of *sigh* actually dialling someone's number in order to speak with them. Still, it's a pretty whizzy idea, so sign me up. I like the idea of wandering around with little plastic toys in your pocket or bag, and handing them out to nice people. Though my one would be rather sparse, as I can be a right miserable bugger...


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