Friday, June 23, 2006


Grrrr. I'm angry with myself today. After calling in sick to work yesterday and spending the vast majority of my day in bed (thanks to a combination of both insomnia *and* drowsiness), I got up this morning feeling... not that much better, actually. However, as things usually fall apart at the office if I'm not there for seemingly anything more than an hour, I dragged my sorry self (now with bonus sore throat, so I sound like a raging bear) to work.

This, of course, is always a mistake.

Nothing has been done. I have 200-plus emails. I have 40-odd voicemails. It's almost as if nobody noticed I wasn't actually in... so I check. I speak to The Manager, who is confused. He honestly believes that I was in yesterday. In fact, he talked to me, and I even made him tea, apparently.

Now, either he's been drinking, or I've got a very lazy clone. And if it's the latter, I'm going to find him, and beat hell out of him.

Anyway, I've now been in work for 4 hours, and have *just* finished dealing with all the backlog. Now I can get on with today's work, as long as I can calm down and stop threatening everyone who passes by my desk with random violence. And yes, I still feel rotten. At least there's only a few hours until the weekend begins, which will mainly comprise of sleeping, eating, and watching the football. It's a good plan.


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