Saturday, June 16, 2007

That's what I go to school for...

Why does it seem that every time I write something on my blog, I always begin with an apology for the delay in between postings? It's fairly warranted this time though - it's pushing two months since I last logged in and posted up a few random bits and bobs. Still, I shouldn't be sorry - after all, this is me we're talking about, and I am really slack sometimes...

So. What has been happening in the wonderful world of idlemichael? Well, as always, my course is a dominant factor in my life - however, the good news is that it's drawing to a close. Come July 13th this year, I will officially be a Newly Qualified Teacher, with a certificate and everything. There's a graduation ceremony to attend, which will be... interesting. Despite going to university, I never went to the event there - I was in quite a pissed off place, my family was in the process of imploding, and I spent graduation day in the pub from 10am. My classmates found me sleeping under the pool table at around 2pm after they'd finished - I of course was a little drunk already, and decided that a nap was in order, and the landlord was so used to having me and my friends there that he let me be. I don't think the same will occur this time - after all, I am older and wiser this time. Apparently. There will be a going out session though, and Kate - my GTP colleague - has insisted that we will be drunker than ever before. I'm looking forward to it!

I finished my final Teaching Practice last week. Six weeks of having your every move scrutinised, every lesson plan graded, and everything you do questioned. Believe me - it's really annoying. "Why did you do this?" "What effect did that have?" "What were you trying to achieve?" GAAAAAAAAAH I DUNNO, I JUST WANT TO TEEEEEACH! Mercifully I didn't have a freakout of that nature with anyone, and the whole six weeks went well. No failed observations, and many good write ups from students and teachers alike. On top of that, somehow I managed to swing a job for the new school year as well... and it's in the school I'm training in, which means there'll be no horrible transition phase, no having to learn the ways of a new place (and all the children's names!) and - best of all - no vast array of new and disgusting illnesses. Brilliant.

Of course, life isn't all school (though reading this blog would probably convince you otherwise). Other exciting things have happened, including me having a reasonably nasty smash on my bike. Nothing major, just a bit of cosmetic damage on the front of The Pig and a rather impressive selection of bruises pretty much all over my body. In fact, I still have a few scars on my leg from where I scraped it along the road, and we're talking a good three weeks ago now. However, I believe that chicks dig scars, so it's alright ;)

The mighty Joypod has finished it's first series - I am seriously impressed that me and elmo managed to put a solid ten episodes together, to be honest. It's been very well recieved, and I'd like to thank anyone reading who listened. I had a lot of fun making it, and am looking forward to recording our second series. There are plans afoot to make the next one in front of a studio audience (!) - or in other words there'll be drunkeness in a pub somewhere in London as the pair of us mess about with microphones (so, the usual then). Looks like we'll be going for a more monthly recording plan instead of the fortnightly format of Series One - hopefully the listeners will be able to hold their anticipation.

I was going to write a bit about Perplex City and it's recent postponement, but figured I want to think about it a little more. I promise (if only to myself) I'll get my thoughts down on paper - or at least the interwebs - I just want to form them fully first. And with that, I'll bid you goodnight, for I am tired. Saturdays can take it out of a person...


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