Friday, December 22, 2006

Music 2006

There was me thinking I could get away with not doing another blog post until after the holidays, but nooooooooo. The usual random discussion with The American turned to best songs of the year, then - as I am quite the superficial bugger - the finest videos. So may I present to you, thanks to the glory of Youtube and Google Video, my favourite tunes and videos of 2006 in no particular order. I promise to keep it... reasonably limited. Hold on!

The Gossip - Standing in the way of control Damn. Just... damn. Possibly the song with the most soul of the year.

Justice vs Simian - We Are Your Friends Yes, I know the song's a couple of years old, but it was put out this year, and the video led to Kanye West making an arse of himself at the MTV Europe Awards. Cracking song, which saw much shouting while drunk.

Jamie T - If You Got The Money Still relatively unknown despite having a few singles out. It's a toss up between this and another of his fine offerings "Shiela". Both are good.

CSS - Let's Make Love (Listen to Death From Above) From one of my favourite albums of the year (which you must go buy NOW, if only for "Patins"), I mentioned this song a few months back. Fully aces. Still not sick of it.

Camera Obscura - Hey Lloyd (I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken) Winsome Scottish Indie Pop FTW! Just plain lovely stuff.

Guillemots - Trains to Brazil I think, after much consideration, that this is my favourite song of the whole year. It's just so full of hope, and the video is really quite lovely. Also, please can I have the (double) bass player for Christmas, please? Ta.

Elbow - Station Approach I have to have at least one bunch of mates in my list, and as their latest album came with a DVD with videos for each song, there's quite a choice. This is the opener to the Leaders Of The Free World album, and sums up everything I love about Manchester. For another great Elbow video, check out the one for the title track.

Thom Yorke - Harrowdown Hill One of the more emotive songs of the year. Bloody good.

Fedde le Grand - Put Your Hands Up For Detroit Seriously, one of the finest songs of the year. Dunb as hell video, but the tune is catchy like a spider's web.

Muse - Knights of Cydonia Huge, silly, overblown - typical Muse, it seems! The video doesn't really fit the song, but no matter: Cydonia is such a massive song, it still shines through.

Actually, that's not bad - ten songs, all crackers in their own right. Agree with my choices? Don't agree at all? Let me know :D

Oh, and (again) Happy Holidays!

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  • God I need to get off my arse and buy that Elbow album. Wonderful.

    Merry Christmas Sir!

    By Anonymous buzman, At 9:42 PM  

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