Monday, September 18, 2006

Brain static

No real structure to this update today. Merely random stuff spilling from my head. I apologise in advance for the deviation from the regular programming, but it seems I can't keep my mind on one subject for more that 2 minutes.

Icky news: I *still* feel like poo, though the weary bone phase seems to have passed. I'm now on what I pray is the final section of the virus, wherein I produce the equivalent of a small ocean of mucus on an hourly basis. To add more fuel to the bodyshock, I now firmly believe someone at school has fleas, as I now have - no exaggeration - 20 different insect bites; 18 on my legs, and 2 on my left wrist, which is bloody KILLING ME! The only solutions are to either fumigate the school or shave all the kids. I shall decide overnight on which option to select.

If you're a regular(ish) reader of my little corner of the interwebs, you'll know that when I feel crappy, only shopping for music or books will drag me out of my malaise. Today, in between all the sneezing, I hit the bookstore and picked up Max Brooks (son, I discovered today of Mel!) latest offering - "World War Z". Told completely straight, it chronicles a near-future war between humans and the undead, and so is perfect bedtime reading. I also picked up some (gasp!) manga for the first time since Akira first came out - probably - in the shape of the first volume of "Battle Royale". As I like the book and love the film(s), I'm pretty sure I'm on safe ground. Oh, and to add another one to the pile, when I got home from work, a copy of John Allison's latest Scary Go Round collection was sitting on the mat. It's called "The Retribution Index", and collates a good year's worth of adventures of Shelley, Amy and Co. Well worth getting, alongside pretty much everything else he's done.

That's about it, to be honest. I need a good night's sleep as I'm teaching my first 'proper' lesson to the class tomorrow, and I want to be on good form. News on that tomorrow!


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