Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sun Hits The Sky

Freedom! Sweet, glorious freedom!

Ladies and gentlefolk, my mission to get sacked from my job has been a successful one. The campaign of random non-attendance coupled with a complete inability to do the latest iteration of my job-spec has led to the Holy Grail I sought - 4 weeks paid leave and the termination of my contract. As of today, I am the world's happiest unemployed person! I may just eat crisps for the next four weeks, and possibly grow a beard. I can sit in the pub at lunchtime, knowing that in a few weeks I actually have a job I will enjoy doing to look forward to. And all the while, I'm still getting paid. That, my friends, is a winner. This is The Good Life.

Let us celebrate this joyous day with the following two fantastic songs. Download them, buy them, watch the videos, whatever. Just enjoy!

1. CSS - "Let's Make Love": Dammit, this is the stuff. A Brazilian band signed to Sub Pop? If there was ever cause for a WTF, that'd be it. CSS stands for Cansei de Ser Sexy (which means "Tired of being sexy", Portuguese translation fans!) and this song DIVIDES people. Some hate it, some adore it, worship it, and mop up the tears it makes them cry with handwoven silk handkerchiefs. This is a mark of TASTE. This is what I'd do if I had some. Check the video here.

2. The Walkmen - "The Rat": Shouty. Angry. Just plain dirty music. I want to scream the lyrics from tall buildings. Shockingly sexy use of minor chords. It's getting a *proper* release here in the UK soon, I think, but the song's been around for a year or so. The simple and understated video is here for you to witness. Watch and you'll see what I mean.

Right, let the beard growing... Begin!!