Sunday, July 30, 2006

Boy vs Girl

Oooh, been a while since last posting, but there's not much going on at the moment... This is only a brief update until tomorrow, when I'll actually have some news - it's the launch of Perplex City's fourth wave of cards which include a barrage of my deranged ideas, and a leeeetle launch soiree takes place down in That London which I shall be attending (of course) with the great and the good. News spews and dummyspits as and when they happen!

I'm heading down in the morning to meet my mother, which will be interesting in itself, then do some major hanging around until hooking up with the various good people. Speaking of whom, one (Jamie) recommended the rather fabulous Questionable Content comic strip to me last week (www.questionablecontent.net) and I have fallen for it in a major way. Basically it's the comings and goings of a group of normal people like thee and me (hah!) who may possibly have a few issues... it's probably better if you go read it. It won't disappoint. :D

Anyway, in tribute, I have made a shirt based on one of the characters . Turned out pretty well, I think:

It's NOT Pintsize, it's merely... inspired by him. I didn't have the right colours in the first place, but I still think it looks quite splendid. And I'll buy a few of the official (and pretty!) QC shirts when payday rolls around again. Toodles!



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