Friday, August 18, 2006


Snakes on a Plane. The stupidest title for a movie ever. It's preposterous tripe. It's cliche ridden. It's got about 1.7 million completely gratuitous 'eeeeeew!' moments. It has completely unnecessary nudity. The script basically sucks. The plot is full of holes. The acting is alright at best. It should be an absolute turkey...

...but it's actually one of the Greatest Movies Ever. Not 'Best Films Ever' - there's a major difference between Movies and Films. Films are works of art, classic pieces of cinematography like Dr Strangelove, Battle Royale (sorry, I like it!), Gone With The Wind. Movies are the things you can go watch, get a bucket of fizzy pop and a wheelbarrow of popcorn, switch off your brain and just enjoy the damn thing. See the works of people such as Adam Sandler and Will Ferrell for perfect examples. Snakes on a Plane is just amazing - and everything mentioned up there in the first paragraph is not a criticism, it's actually a celebration of plain ol' dumbness. Go see it, because you'll fully love it.

I may be slightly skewed in my opinion as the audience I watched it with were totally up for it. The crowd were completely different to anything I've experienced back home, applauding, shouting, shrieking. Hell, they even howled in appreciation when the title of the movie came up. This is how movies should be watched. Fully aces. People of the UK, take a lesson from your American brethren, and lighten up a bit when you go to the cinema. You've paid your money, so enjoy yourselves. It's a celebration!


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