Sunday, November 19, 2006

Head asplode!

Good lord. Been well over a month since I last checked in! Seriously, I must do better when it comes down to noting my random thoughts and warblings. As usual, school is to blame - sooooo busy. Pull up a chair and let me tell you everything that's been going on...

So. School. Yes. Ridiculous amounts of work has piled up, and all has been going pretty well. Last Friday was the last day of my first "Graded Teaching Practice" - basically, many of the lessons I teach have someone sitting in on them, watching how I work, what I teach, my manner with the children and all that jazz. Generally they've been OK - different things in the lessons are marked on a scale from one to six, with one being Godlike and six A Miserable Failure. GTP students (ie: me and my classmates) are encouraged to aim - at the highest! - for a Satisfactory three overall. Thankfully, I hit threes in all catagories overall, and even a couple of twos (for my use of resources and how I am with the kids). I was most pleased, especially when I found out that many of the people on my course hadn't reached such dizzy heights...

Must... not... be... smug.


In other parts of my life... well, there's a serious lack of stuff to report. I get up, I go to work, I teach (a lot - we've had many staff off with bugs and stuff), I go to meetings, I come home, I plan, I eat, I sleep. And then it all happens again! Aside from on weekends, when the going to work doesn't happen, but the planning increases hugely. However, this weekend has been a little different - I'm away next week for three days on a residential course in That London, and am not teaching tomorrow, so there's been nothing to do! And of course, when michael needs to relax... he tidies.

Hardcore tidying. This house is spotless. There isn't an inch of surface that hasn't been dusted, a plate cleaned, floor hoovered, or clothing that's not been in the washer... The only thing that remains is a pile of filing currently sitting on the dining table - maybe tomorrow, eh? Can't do everything in one weekend.

I'm hoping the few days away will actually be a chance to relax. I don't feel like I've stopped for nearly three months, and I'm really tired. Immune systems are buggered, so I'm always at least a snot-producing monster. At the moment, I have a sinus infection, meaning nasty headaches (until the antibiotics kick in), icky runny nose, and don't get half as much sleep as I should be getting. The London Visit should hopefully be an opportunity to wind down and do little more than sit at the back of the conference centre's room, drinking tea and pretending to pay attention. And I've been ordered to bring my many variations of SingStar by my classmates, who will be providing The Booze... this cannot end well!

Updates and reports - I promise - after a gap of a lot less than a month!


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